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DUOTTS S26 Pro Electric Bike

DUOTTS S26 Pro Electric Bike

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Spedizione entro 4-10 giorni lavorativi in tutta Europa.
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Unmatched Stability for Endless Exploration

Embark on endless exploration with unwavering determination aboard the Duott's long-range ebike S26, where "S" signifies solidity and steadfastness. With a sturdy 26-inch aluminum alloy frame and 26*4.0-inch inflatable tires weighing 42kg, this full-suspension ebike epitomizes resilience. In electric mode, effortlessly traverse 50-70km while intelligent pedal assist extends your journey to 120-150km, mirroring the endurance of a seasoned rider. With the electric pedal bike S26, every ride promises a voyage of stability.


Powerful Motor

100-120 KM

Extended Range

130 Nm

Max Torque

48V 20AH

Samsung Battery

25 KM/H

Top Speed

150 KG

Max Load

Duotts S26 Long Range E-bike
The Trustworthy Partner for Experienced Riders. Featuring a robust dual 750-watt motor system and a reliable 20AH Samsung battery, the long-range ebike S26 provides versatile riding capabilities. This electric pedal bike seamlessly transitions between pure and pedal-assist modes, expanding your range to 100-120 km with long-lasting battery performance.

Intelligent Motor

Experience unparalleled power with our full suspension ebike S26 high-speed continuous 750W*2 brushless geared hub motor, delivering a maximum torque of 130Nm. With Duotts' long-range ebike S26, you can conquer even the most challenging terrains effortlessly, as we provide you with unmatched driving pleasure, ensuring every ride is smooth and comfortable.

Powering Limitless Exploration

Experience limitless adventure with the Duotts S26 long-range ebike, designed to navigate diverse landscapes while ensuring lasting performance and reliability effortlessly. The Duotts full suspension ebike S26 has a dynamic dual 750W motor system that propels electric riding to unparalleled heights, enabling effortless conquering of diverse terrains throughout your journey.

Unlock Enduring Adventures

With its 20AH Samsung battery, the Duotts long-range ebike S26 delivers an impressive range of 100-120 kilometers on a single charge, freeing you from distance constraints and ensuring an enduring journey.


Empower your ride with the flexibility to toggle effortlessly between single and dual drive modes. Whether you're cruising through the city or conquering challenging terrains, our intuitive switch mechanism ensures optimal power and efficiency tailored to your needs. Elevate your journey and experience the best of both worlds at the flick of a switch!


Step into a vivid world of cycling information with our 5-speed multifunction LCD color display! Beyond just data, experience visuals in striking high-definition clarity that elevates your ride's interface. It's not merely a display; it's a vibrant window into your cycling journey. Choose brilliance, choose clarity, and redefine your riding experience with HD in full color!


Transform your riding experience with the 158DX Electric Half-twist Throttle! Designed for riders who crave precision and instant power delivery, this throttle ensures an immediate response at your fingertips. Its ergonomic half-twist design guarantees smooth acceleration transitions, giving you complete control over your journey's pace.Command power, embrace speed!


Illuminate your journey with flair using our stylish headlight! More than just a light, it's a statement of elegance and modern design. Perfectly blending functionality with aesthetics, this headlight ensures you not only ride safely but also turn heads wherever you go. Light up the night, and ride in style!


Experience unparalleled endurance with our 20AH Samsung battery! Engineered with cutting-edge technology from a brand you trust, this powerhouse offers sustained energy, ensuring your rides are longer and adventures unrestrained. Whether you're commuting, touring, or embarking on long-distance journeys, our Samsung battery stands as a beacon of reliability and performance. Don't just ride; ride further, ride longer with the confidence of Samsung's proven battery excellence.


Discover unparalleled riding comfort with our state-of-the-art full suspension system, prominently featuring a rear shock absorber. This design, specifically tailored for the diverse challenges of modern cycling, ensures not only smooth glides over rough terrains but also enhanced bike control and reduced strain on the rider. Navigate urban streets, rocky trails, and unexpected bumps with ease and confidence.


Conquer any terrain with our 26*4.0 off-road Fat tires! Designed for the fearless adventurer, these robust tires provide unmatched grip and stability on even the most challenging landscapes. Whether you're navigating sandy dunes, rocky trails, or muddy paths, their wide profile ensures optimal traction, giving you the confidence to explore the uncharted. Venture beyond the ordinary and experience the extraordinary grip and versatility of our Fat tires!


Unleash the ultimate power surge with our front and rear dual 750W motors! Crafted for those who demand more, this potent combination ensures rapid acceleration, unmatched torque, and consistent performance. Glide over terrains with ease, tackle challenging routes, and feel the adrenaline rush with every twist and turn.


Experience the pinnacle of stopping power with our advanced hydraulic brakes! Precision-engineered for maximum control, these brakes offer instant, responsive halting even in the most demanding conditions. Whether you're navigating steep descents or sudden stops in urban terrains, rely on our hydraulic system for a smooth, safe, and confident braking experience. Don't just brake, command your ride.

🚚 Spedizione - Spedizione gratuita per tutti gli ordini in qualsiasi parte d'Irlanda e Europa. Tempi di consegna di 7-15 giorni lavorativi.
💝 Garanzia di reso e rimborso - Resi senza problemi entro 30 giorni e garanzia di 12 mesi. Consulta i Termini e Condizioni.
📞 Assistenza clienti - Per favore, inviaci un'email a Il nostro team di supporto risponderà entro 8 ore.

*Gli accessori mostrati nelle immagini potrebbero essere opzionali o disponibili all'acquisto separatamente.

*Tutte le biciclette sono resistenti all'acqua. Per una protezione extra, copri i tuoi schermi con un foglio di plastica per evitare l'ingresso d'acqua durante la guida sotto la pioggia.

Dopo la Brexit, la maggior parte degli articoli è dotata di spina a 2 poli poiché la merce nel Regno Unito non può più essere spedita in Irlanda. Cerchiamo di inviare l'adattatore, ma a volte non è incluso. Rimborseremo fino a 5 euro per lo stesso.

*Le specifiche del prodotto, come la batteria, sono indicate direttamente dai produttori e sono in condizioni di test ottimali; possono variare a seconda di fattori esterni come peso, velocità, vento e condizioni stradali.

Legge: - È completamente legale acquistare, vendere e possedere uno scooter elettrico in Irlanda. Al momento, gli scooter elettrici di proprietà privata sono illegali da utilizzare sulle strade pubbliche in Irlanda e nel Regno Unito. Tuttavia, possono essere utilizzati su terreni privati. Verifica le leggi locali prima dell'acquisto.

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Awful assembly instructions, terrible delivery experience

So far, so bad, the delivery process was a joke, they didnt put the correct address on it, assembly instructions re awful, the electronic controls are for a totally different interface, one button that is just there that I have no idea what it does because the controls are not for a different interface.. The luggage rack was prob for a different bike, i had to hammer it into shape to fit it, NO REAR LIGHT, the electronic components feel very cheap feeling.. I'll give it a go, but i think i will be attempting a return so far..